I am grateful, O Lord, for hell…
Proves you’ve been kind enough to provide a place for everybody….

Not just the good people,
But those who are called bad…

You’ve even turned up the heat,
So we don’t have to work, to work up a sweat…

Just sit around, in the heat
And the sweat comes pouring down….
How much more easier could you have made it….?  Can’t even imagine it.

‘Twould be nice, though, when we’ve had enough,
To have the chance to leave….
Which is why you allow pieces of hell on earth
Try it here, and see if you like it
Is it your style

Do you always want to be in the heat
Or do you still need it…

Sacred flame, that burns so bright
Like the fire in the burning bush
Moses saw it, and he turned aside
To see, this great sight…

And God spoke to him, out of the bush
….I mean, from the flame, or where was it from… Did He have a name..?
Or a form or a flame…?
Oh yes, He had a flame.

Just something to see, didn’t say much …
Maybe it wasn’t a flame, but just looked like it…

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