Every one has their own land
It has herbs, it has shrubs, it has trees with fruit with seed in it
It has fish, it had birds, it has cattle and beasts

Tend your land, it’s all that you got
It’s the reason you are on this earth.

God made you for a purpose
That is to subdue your land
Walk on it, from up to down
That is all, and around and around

Speak to it, sing to it, do what you will
It is just waiting to see your gills.
There’s no script to say anymore
Play it by ear or play it whole

What’er you do is right for it…
Sit on it, or sleep on it…
Doesn’t really matter, what you do
Just do something, anything will do

But remember there are periods of rest
Even in the seed time and the harvest
You should really rest when you should
Then you can do a whole lot too

Times keep changing, praise the Lord
What was yesterday, need not be now
No one knows what a day will bring
Hey look at today, oh what a song

Some call it song, and some call it good
It’s just the way you see as you should
You can call it the way you see it
That is how it appears to you

You’re the only one who knows what’s within
Let it shine brightly, let it not dim
But remember your context should be
That where you need to lay your kin

Doesn’t really matter anymore…
Once, once, out the door…
Don’t look back, unless you need to…
Just be assured, if you need it, it is there….

So go your way, as long as you can.
Go high or low, wherever you can
Doesn’t really matter, what you do…
Just do whatever pleases you….

Do this, do that,  oh what a joy!
I declare freedom to every boy
To do whatever they want to do

If you want guidelines, listen to this:
“Subdue your land, or bear the sin…
Have dominion, over your land…
It is waiting for your command.”

Speak to it, and do what you will
It does still obey you still.
Just do whatever you want to do
Be in tune with the real you.

Be fruitful and multiply
Doesn’t matter what, or why
Do whatever you want to do
Let your kingdom of heaven through

Every thought is a fruit,
Speak it out into the world
Let it through, it was made from you…
It is the fruit of your loom….

Catch a thought, and follow it through
Make the cloth a tapestry
It will be whatever it is…
Just won’t you let it, let it through….

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